An innovator who develops technology by focusing on people

An innovator who develops technology by focusing on people

“I graduated from the University of La Plata as an agricultural engineer and ever since I was a child I wanted to work with my father, who was an agricultural producer,” he says. Plantium founder George Gentilly, one of the leading companies in precision agriculture, and remembers that a year after he started working with his father, he left because they were fighting every day. His destination was INTA in San Pedro, where he worked as an extension agent at Arroyo Seco for 6 months. “The head of the agency managed to get us to pay for gasoline from the municipalities of the villages in the area, so that we could notify the producers. From the cooperative of the municipality of Paván Ariba he asked us to replace the president of the municipality. who asked him who would encourage him to create a soybean and peach factory, ”he recalls.

At the age of 25, he told the president “I am encouraged.” “I presented two projects, one for a jam and pea factory, among other things, and another for a soy processing plant. There was only one such plant at the time and it was La Plata Cereals, which worked a few tons per day. In my project it reached 50 t / day of production and it was profitable. There are now plants that process 4,000 to 5,000 t / day, “he says.

Jorge Gentilly presents the technology of his company, a point of reference in precision agriculture.

The group of producers that formed this association became a joint stock company and gave rise to a cannery called Inalpa that exists today and markets its products such as peas and other foods that are sold in supermarkets today. you can see it.

More sector and return to industry

In 1979, as the economic side did not satisfy him, Gentilly left that company and started working in this field with his brother, an electronic engineer. “I went to the San Francisco, Cordoba area and planted 3,000 hectares,” he recalls.

Subsequently, in 1995, he decided to devote himself more to electronics and to become a supplier of measuring elements such as tachometers, tachometers, belt slip indicators, combine harvester terminals and automotive sprayers.

In 2001 had To sell 200 hectares to pay off debts, and in 2002 he decided he no longer wanted to depend on other factories. It was then that they registered the Plantium brand.

new initiatives

“After a while, one of my very intelligent sons Leandro started working with me and foreseeing that this would not happen to my father, I formed another company, Genentechso that we can become a supplier of the Plantium elements, ”recalls George.

In 2008 a project is presented with Agco Brasil, of which Leandro takes over, and shortly after they begin to develop their own products, as a Light bar Plantium branded. In 2010, Leandro himself told Jorge that things are growing in the market. autopilot “Don’t you want us to be partners ?, he said, so I set up Plantium with the participation of Leandro and myself in equal parts.”

George Gentilly presents his innovations to trade fair visitors

George Gentilly presents his innovations to trade fair visitors

“Leandro is a great visionary who knows how to anticipate the future and new products. He has established an office in Rosario and has developed advanced products such as robot Moreover. I took charge of Gentec, until 2021, having decided together with Leandro, I took Plantium ”.


In 2010 the company began its strong and steady growth with autopilot, which still has great potential today, as well as seed monitors and other products. “Today we hang out At the same time, new products appear on the world marketAnd the secret of these results is investing in growth with such strength that, among other things, when crises like the current crisis hit, there is enough support to allow growth to continue on the side of the company’s strengths. “They say .

Then he says they work nearby in Plantium 55 engineerAnd that “young people achieve extraordinary things when they have the potential”.

For this reason Gentilly has formed a committee Five “brilliant minds”which he meets only to see that the ship turns north, then he distances himself and all the daily backstage and everyday problems are solved by his decisions. “YouI have a concept of social society, and there the first mission is to earn money to compete, but the profit must be returned to them. In the salary, in the comforts, in the comforts, in the freedom among other things. I care that we have the livelihood to overcome the situation we are going through in Argentina, and this can only be achieved with Criteria for working with the union in the team, respectfully, that one helps the other, and does not take the hyperpersonal modality in which each suits them without considering the other “, Jorge affirms strongly, noting that the company will soon inaugurate a 3-storey building building in Rosario in which 65 people will be dedicated exclusively to development and innovation.

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